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Love Behind the Age of Cthulhu classes – Warrior

Ability Requirements: None

Prime Requisite: STR

Hit Dice: 1d10

Allowed equipment as a fighter plus pistols and rifles.

Saving throws as a fighter

Attack as a fighter

At 1st level choose one bonus:

Pit fighter: +2 bonus to Armor Class if unarmoured.

Hunter: -15% to the chance of loosing direction, can scavenge food on rolls of 1-2 and hunt on rolls of 1-3.

Courier: A warrior’s base movement is increased by 1/4.

Thug: A warrior with this ability has a chance to hide in shadows and move silently like a thief. This chance is equal to his Dexterity score plus two times his level. For example, an 8th level warrior with a 17 Dexterity score has a 32% chance to move silently. The warrior cannot wear armor above studded leather.

Smuggler: The warrior gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws versus poison.

Witch hunter: The warrior gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws versus spells.

Weapon master: This warrior has the ability to specialize in a particular weapon. The character gains a +1 bonus to damage with that weapon

War veteran, a war veteran has been victim of extreme filed surgery, he roll a physical mutation from the following list to represent cybernetic grafts.

at 4 th leve the fighter chooses one weapon which he adds +2 to damage.

at 6th level the warrior can make 2 attacks and at 12th level he makes 3 attacks.

See labyrinth lord fighter class for other details.



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