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Love Behind the Age of Cthulhu classes – Priest

Requirements: WIS 11

Prime Requisite: WIS

Hit Dice: 1d8

Attack as a cleric

Allowed equipment as a cleric

Saving throws as a cleric


At 1st level choose one bonus


Servant of Derketa (female only): the priestess has the mutation pain insensibility an absorbs the first 2 points of damage of every attack.

Servant of Shub Niggurat: once per day the priest can make one attack with a +2 bonus to attack ad a bonus to the the damage equal to his level. The priest always counts as armed with a magical weapon while using this attack.

Servant of Tsathoggua: the priest starts with 2 points of forbidden lore and can learn one more spell of 1st level.

Noble house servant: A priest’s base movement is increased by 1/4.

War veteran, a war veteran has been victim of extreme filed surgery, he rolls a phisical class 1 mutation to represent cybernetic grafts.


See labyrinth lord cleric class for other details.




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