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[Friday Map] Tramur’s Lakehouse

An other wonderful map

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The old stone structure at the end of the lake by Devil’s Creek has been quiet but not abandoned for a few years now and the town folk know to keep their distance. Once the lakehouse of Viscount Tramur, it is now home to strange and somewhat disturbing demonic Kabuki infestation. The white-faced demons maintain the grounds immediately around the lakehouse and are said to grab anyone coming too close and forcing them to watch their endless plays… and then something even more foul perhaps, as no one has yet returned.

Tramur's Lakehouse Tramur’s Lakehouse

Sure, the white-faced Kabuki demons might actually be a team of hobgoblins with a penchant for makeup and scary stories, but either way, they have managed to cow the locals and thus to live in some semblance of peace out here. And perhaps their disguise and performance skills are honed enough that they could pass themselves off…

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