I am considering what can I do next I play time with something like this…

Dyson's Dodecahedron

And we come to the big item, and probably the last major set of caves in the megadungeon – beyond this node most of the other nodes will be primarily “constructed” regions instead of natural caves. But today I begin tackling the “Vietnamese Cavern”, now renamed “Lost River Cave”.

Lost River Cave (East) (with grid) Lost River Cave (East) (with grid)

Like the Mushroom Cavern / Fungus Cave (whatever I ended up calling that node), this one is a small-scale map, with each square representing 20 feet instead of the usual 10. This makes this cavern enormous – and we’re only seeing the first page of it here. Standing in here at night with a torch, a party would likely see very little – even some of the “details” of this map are a few hundred feet across.

However, in the daylight, the marvels of this cave become apparent. The elevated section to the east between…

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