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The Vansho Reliquary

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Paladin Vansho may have been an oathbreaker and fallen from the path of his noble benefactor, but none can claim he wasn’t blessed by some entity that gave him the might and motivation to strike down several lords of other worlds in his quest to break free from the bonds of outsiders. After his death, split asunder by a soul-feeding blade wielded by unknown assassins, the Vansho Reliquary was founded on the site where his body refused to be reanimated. Within the reliquary are not only remains of Vansho himself, but other pieces and fetishes left over from some of the potent enemies he had slain prior to his fall.

The Vansho Reliquary The Vansho Reliquary

But there are not that many who remember his exploits beyond him turning his back on the church and priesthood who gave him his paladin status in the first place. The Vansho Reliquary has been slowly…

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