I think it’s a very interesting dome with some hints of science fiction elements

Penso sia una cupola molto interessante con alcuni indirizzi di elementi fantascientifici

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Twisted things grow under the dome of the copper sun…

Illuminated by the eternal glow of the copper sun embedded in the ceiling of the dome, foul things have taken root. The glade seems healthy and abundant, although the orange lighting makes everything look a little brassy. The trees are healthy, the grass lush, and birds sing – a distinct difference from most underground lairs.

But the only healthy thing under the copper sun is the water that flows through the dome. The large juicy fruit that always seem to be ripe upon the branches of the trees are strongly poisonous and the sap of the trees is a powerful acid. Even the grass, when disturbed, weeps a caustic green fluid that eats through leather and causes gangrene and neuropathy in creatures that come in contact with it.

The birds are mechanisms hatched from the copper sun itself – little copper…

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