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Wygralak’s Hole

I have some wicked ideas for this

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The stony plains of Hesten are pierced here and there with deep near-vertical holes that reach down up to a few hundred feet and are almost all partially filled with stagnant water. Tales of antiquity tell us that these holes were created by drops of acidic blood sprayed from the near-mortal wounding of the godling Askullag when he was struck through the heart by the spear of Wygralak the Slayer. Unfortunately for Wygralak the Slayer, one of these droplets also struck him clear in the centre of his forehead, slaying him and forever tainting and destroying his soul, so foul was the ichor in question.

Wygralak's Hole Wygralak’s Hole

Several of these pits have caves or other underground accesses to them, but the most important for today’s post is the one named after the Slayer himself – Wygralak’s Hole.

A ramp and stairs have been cut into the walls of the hole…

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