Dyson's Dodecahedron

The fortified manor of Grumbrek Three-Fingers Krelava stands in the middle of the old estate, a squat three-story stone affair that seems to glower menacingly at the well-appointed homes in the area.

Krelava Manor Krelava Manor

Grumbrek Three-Fingers is a fairly well-known dwarf in town – one of the few who doesn’t spend most or even all their time with dwarven kinfolk. Instead Grumbrek kicked, defenestrated, and broke bones up through the criminal underground of the city and is now a feared, rich, and scarred.

Krelava Manor (no grid) Krelava Manor (no grid)

Krelava manor matches its owner’s disposition and is a small fortress impersonating a house, with windows only on the third floor, murder holes overlooking the front door, and all levels perforated with arrow slits. It contains no underground sections because Grumbrek doesn’t trust that other dwarves couldn’t use it to access the structure.

This map is a bit of an oddity. I drew…

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