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Blackhall Haunt

Dyson's Dodecahedron

About 40 minutes upriver from Kreland’s Ford is the old Blackhall. Sitting on a small hill, now nearly overgrown with brush and trees, the squat stone house has been abandoned for at least a decade, and is of course said to be haunted by the ghost of the previous owner who was slain in his sleep by creatures unknown.

Blackhall Haunt Blackhall Haunt

Blackhall is obviously not a standard house – it is made of dark stone with very thick walls and narrow windows. Only a single story tall, the squat dark structure is heavy with the promise of mystery and creepiness. Of the windows, only the one looking into the overgrown garden is still intact. Leaves and other detritus covers the floors of the other rooms.

The current master of Blackhall hides from the sun in the small central secret room, and spends a little time in the chamber with the…

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