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Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Six Greater Spires (300 dpi promo)
The Six Greater Spires (300 dpi promo)

Taking the structure of the Six Spires posted in June, this map changes the scale of the structure so that each entrance is two squares wide instead of one, giving us a lot more room to work. Now instead of a small shrine or similar built into a megalithic structure, we have a massive temple under and within the six spires.

The Six Greater Spires
The Six Greater Spires (click for 1200 dpi)

Four of the six spires are accessed from below, within the temple structure itself. The remaining two are accessed from the open air level between the spires. One has an actual door into it while the last pillar is accessed via a secret door near the top of the stairs from the temple interior.

The temple interior is splashed with brilliantly coloured pigments on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The temple seems dark…

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