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Attention, Hive Citizen!

Pensieri felici ad una settimana dall’arrivo di Necromunda

The Regimental Standard

Attention, Hive Citizen of Necromunda!

You are permitted a 300-second break from shift work in order to read the following. Any productivity lost will be subtracted in 10-second instalments from your sleep allotment over the next 30 days. If you are currently engaged in criminal activity, please nevertheless take a 300-second break, then report yourself to the nearest Enforcer station for prosecution and enlistment. Using this 300-second break for any purposes other than reading the following message will be punished with halved corpse-starch rations for one week/flogging based on local enforcement guidelines.

+++Message Commences+++

– A use for your skills!

In the Astra Militarum, the skills that make you a danger to yourself, others and the productivity of your Hive can be properly harnessed. If you can field strip an autogun in 12 seconds and kill a man with the firing pin, we want you!

– The very…

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Krelava Manor

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The fortified manor of Grumbrek Three-Fingers Krelava stands in the middle of the old estate, a squat three-story stone affair that seems to glower menacingly at the well-appointed homes in the area.

Krelava Manor Krelava Manor

Grumbrek Three-Fingers is a fairly well-known dwarf in town – one of the few who doesn’t spend most or even all their time with dwarven kinfolk. Instead Grumbrek kicked, defenestrated, and broke bones up through the criminal underground of the city and is now a feared, rich, and scarred.

Krelava Manor (no grid) Krelava Manor (no grid)

Krelava manor matches its owner’s disposition and is a small fortress impersonating a house, with windows only on the third floor, murder holes overlooking the front door, and all levels perforated with arrow slits. It contains no underground sections because Grumbrek doesn’t trust that other dwarves couldn’t use it to access the structure.

This map is a bit of an oddity. I drew…

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The Poisoned Chambers

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Somewhere beneath the old ruins is the space where the angel Araqiel fell in combat with the feathered serpent demon Quxaccoaw. The dungeons here are scattered with the deadly toxic feathers of the demon and the mixed blood of the two combatants, making the very environment hostile to explorers.

The Poisoned Chambers The Poisoned Chambers

Even with only a half-dozen chambers in the dungeons, only one expedition to find the remnants of either of the combatants has returned. The dungeon walls and floor seem malevolent now with the ichor of the two foes upon them, and even brushing against one of Quxaccoaw’s feathers generally spells inevitable demise from one virulent toxin or another.

But of course, that is like candy to a master assassin and poisoner like Bourvek of Three Hills… and the added bonus of hopefully finding the actual body (or bodies) of the angel or demon with the artifacts that would entail?


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Church of the Huntress in Umber

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Priests of the Huntress in Umber maintain this stone church in the woods where the village of Spaldingfield once stood. Wandering through the woods around the church, one will find the few remnants of the old town – fireplaces and low stone walls where houses were before fire consumed the whole place.

Church of the Huntress in Umber Church of the Huntress in Umber

Tales (propagated by the priests) are that the Huntress in Umber pursued the invading forces that burned the place down and killed them one by one until none remained. A demon or goddess of vengeance (depending on who you ask), the Huntress is no friend to any save those who seek vengeance for wrongdoings actual or imagined.

Some believe the priests can summon the Huntress for those that demand her aid. Others claim the priests protect (or are members) of a secret order of assassins that purposefully misrepresent themselves as the Huntress…

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Adotta anche tu un micio gufo.


Onestamente al micio gufo bisognava pensarci prima

The Oubliette Crypts

Penso che ultilizzerò questa mappa al posto di quella originale della cripta del wight di “the standing stone”.

I will use this map to replace the original barrow map of the 3.5 adventure “the standing stone”

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Different cultures and faiths entomb their dead in different manners. One of the old faiths of the land made small shaft tombs with “cells” at the bottom where a number of coffins would be laid and once full the tomb would be capped with a small brick dome. It takes a certain amount of nerve to break into a sepulcher and then crack open one of these domes, rappel down the twelve foot shaft and then start breaking into the individual coffins at the bottom.

The Oubliette Crypts The Oubliette Crypts

In this case, the six domed “oubliette” crypts are part of a greater collection of crypts and tombs in the massive underground sepulcher. And more than likely the player characters are down here either to acquire a specific piece of ancient loot rumoured to have been buried here, or perhaps they have come equipped with the ability to speak with dead and…

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Zombicide green horde – carte equipaggiamento

Finito il Kickstarter per finanziare Zombicide Green Horde, sequel di Zombicide Black Plague, ora inizia la lunga l’attesa per l’arrivo del gioco in scatola nei negozi.

Personalmente non ho partecipato al crowdfonding di Zombicide green horde perché non mi interessavano gli stretch goal proposti ma sicuramente acquisterò il gioco quando sarà finalmente disponibile.

Nel frattempo per ingannare la lunga attesa ho provato ad aggiungere alcune delle potenziali carte equipaggiamento del nuovo gioco a black plague.


Sotto l’oscura guida e protezione dei grandi antichi,  i cui servitori (come si nota in foto) hanno costantemente vegliato sul buon esito del progetto, ho preso le carte avanzate dal materiale promo del Kickstarter precedente di Zombicide e riciclando i dorsi ho aggiunto al mazzo 5 artefatti e 10 equipaggiamenti, in più ho sostituito tre delle carte iniziali.

Le modifiche dovrebbero rendere il mazzo oggetti  più bilanciato di adesso, visto che dopo l’espansione di  Wulfsburg si erano aggiunti equipaggiamenti più potenti degli Artefatti del Kickstarter. (nota:per inciso questo post è stato scritto sotto dettatura tramite Google anche se ho dovuto rivedere parecchie frasi e aggiungere la punteggiatura)